Low-Stress State of Simply-Supported Anisotropic Composite Plates

  • A. G. AkopyanEmail author


The stress state in the neighborhood of the common edge of a simply-supported composite wedge-shaped plate under transverse load has been studied. The materials of the constituent plates are cylindrically orthotropic. The problem is solved using the classical theory of anisotropic plates. Equations are derived for a hypersurface which, in the space of physical and geometric parameters, is the boundary of the region of parameters for which the neighborhood of the common edge of the composite plate is in a low-stress state (the stresses at the points of the common edge of the composite plate are limited).


low-stress state plate bending anisotropic composite 


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  1. 1.North Caucasus Branch of the Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University (MADI)LermontovRussia

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