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, Volume 109, Issue 11, pp 744–748 | Cite as

Effect of the Temperature on the Redistribution of an Energy Flux Carried by Surface Waves along the Interface between Crystals with Different Mechanisms of Formation of a Nonlinear Response

  • S. E. SavotchenkoEmail author
Condensed Matter


A model of an interface between a uniaxial crystal with the diffusion mechanism of formation of a nonlinear photorefractive effect and crystals with both focusing and defocusing Kerr nonlinearities has been considered. New types of transverse magnetic polarized nonlinear surface waves propagating along the interface between crystals have been revealed. These types of waves have different ranges of existence and different characters of damping of the field with increasing distance from the interface. Energy fluxes carried by such surface waves have been determined. It has been shown that, as the temperature of crystals near the interface is varied, the radiation power carried by nonlinear surface waves is redistributed between adjacent crystals.


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  1. 1.Belgorod State Technological UniversityBelgorodRussia

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