Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 53, Issue 5, pp 623–629 | Cite as

Determination of the Parameters of a Radial Turbine Operating on Freon in the Quasi-One-Dimensional Approximation

  • A. V. BunyakinEmail author
  • A. G. Nesterenko


The study contains a mathematical model for calculating the main parameters of a gas flow in the working channel of a turbine rotor in the quasi-one-dimensional approximation, the formulation of the problemof determining the geometric parameters of the turbine, and the results of calculations intended for an analysis of peculiarities occurring in modeling freon flows in the working channel of this radial turbine.


working channel radial turbine quasi-one-dimensional approximation adiabatic gas flow inverse problems 


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  1. 1.Kuban State UniversityFaculty of Mathematics and Computer ScienceKrasnodarRussia

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