Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice

, Volume 1, Issue 3–4, pp 393–404 | Cite as

On Certain D-optimal Spring Balance Weighing Designs

  • Krystyna KatulskaEmail author
  • Katarzyna Przybył


The estimation problem of individual weights of objects in spring balance weighing design using the criterion of D-optimality is discussed. It is assumed that variances of errors are not equal and errors are not correlated. The upper bound of the determinant of the information matrix of estimators is obtained and the conditions for this upper bound to be attained are proved. Some methods of constructions regular D-optimal spring balance weighing designs are demonstrated.

AMS Subject Classification

Primary: 62K05 Secondary: 05B05 


D-optimal design Spring balance weighing design 


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© Grace Scientific Publishing 2007

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Mathematics and Computer ScienceAdam Mickiewicz UniversityUmultowska, PoznańPoland

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