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Anti-Americanism and American Exceptionalism

  • Godfrey Hodgson


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    An earlier version of this was delivered as the inaugural of the Dundee University Institute for Transatlantic European and American Studies Annual Lecture Series on 12 November 2003.Google Scholar
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    Not only did American business interests, such as the oil industry in Mexico and the Middle East, banks in many parts of the world and airlines, strive to replace British companies. At a more high-minded level, both ‘Wilsonian’ liberals and the emerging foreign policy Establishment saw it as their role to replace Britain as the guarantor of a liberal world system.Google Scholar
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    We paid 82 % of all the debt repayments the US has received, although we only incurred 40 % of the debt.Google Scholar
  4. 4.
    Wilson told his wife’s secretary, Edith Benham, as much on the ship bringing him to the peace conference in December 1918.Google Scholar
  5. 5.
    Quoted by Maureen Dowd, New York Times,.Op. Ed. page, April 30 2003.Google Scholar
  6. 6.
    See, for example, the surveys by the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations and the University of Maryland.Google Scholar
  7. 7.
    Quoted in Dowd, op. cit.Google Scholar

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