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The New American suburb: poverty, race and the economic crisis

Katrin B. Anacker (ed.) Ashgate: New York. (2015) 310 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4094-4259-2: $119.95
  • Zac Taylor
Book Review

Today, it is abundantly clear that reports of the death of the American suburb have been greatly exaggerated – or at least complicated. Far from marking a wholesale “end of the suburbs” (Gallagher, 2013), the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis has witnessed a splintering of suburban experiences across the United States, propelled by uneven forces of social, economic, and spatial restructuring. The last decade has seen an equally formidable pluralizing of research and writing on suburbia, ranging from scholarly interventions in suburban histories (Kruse and Sugrue, 2006; Archer et al, 2015) and global suburbanisms (Keil, 2013) to a more practice-orientated literature on suburban retrofitting (Dunham-Jones and Williamson, 2011) and ‘sprawl repair’ (Tachieva, 2010).

The New American Suburb: Poverty, Race and the Economic Crisis, edited by Katrin B. Anacker, makes for an excellent addition to this growing literature, bringing together timely and empirically rich perspectives on a...


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