Review of Friedewald, Michael, J. Peter Burgess, Johann Čas, Rocco Bellanova, and Walter Peissl. (eds). Surveillance, Privacy, and Security: Citizens’ Perspectives

London: Routledge, p. 284, Hardcover, ISBN 978-1-138-64924-8, $155.00
  • Kevin Walby
Book Review

This edited volume explores perceptions of surveillance in contemporary European countries. As the editors indicate in their introduction, mass surveillance has quickly become the new normal, in Europe and beyond. Mass surveillance has accelerated specifically in the post-September 11 period and after the Madrid and London bombings, but equally as a result of drastic changes in consumer and digital culture. With this collection, the editors set out to explore citizens’ perspectives on surveillance and security and to challenge assumptions about the relationship between security and privacy (p. 3). To do this, the esteemed editors bring together many excellent contributors to explore the relationship between privacy and new surveillance initiatives.

The first section of the volume reports on empirical findings concerning citizens’ privacy and security perceptions. In Chapter 1, Tijs van den Broek and colleagues examine data from the PRISMS project on privacy and security perceptions....

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