Towards new industry-standard specifications for air dynamic pricing engines

  • Melanie Dezelak
  • Richard Ratliff
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In early 2016, ATPCO formed the dynamic pricing working group to address airline requirements for creating customized offers in both traditional and NDC environments. The working group comprises a coalition of about 20 airlines, three GDSs, along with several marketing and technology providers. One of the main work streams in this forum involves developing industry-standard, interoperability specifications for airline dynamic fare adjustment and fare generation for traditional distribution; recent progress on this work and discussion of current draft specifications are covered in this paper.


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The authors would like to thank the editors of this special issue, the anonymous reviewers, and the many individuals who participated in helping develop the specifications as part of the ATPCO dynamic pricing working group. In particular, we would like to thank Gene Bartholf, Luc Choubert, Fred Foote, Tom Gregorson, Ellen Runyon, Christian Huff, John McDonnell, Ben Vinod, and Ross Darrow for their generous assistance.


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