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The end of the Asian century by Michael R. Auslin

Yale University Press, Pp. 304, $30 hardcover
  • Gene Huang

While discussions about the beginning of the Asian century are not yet a distant past, Michael Auslin argues that the time has come to critically think about the risks the Asia Pacific, or Indo-Pacific, region is facing. Indeed, growth in China is slowing down. While the Chinese are searching for a “new normal,” other developing countries are encountering their own structural headwinds.

Michael Auslin has written an excellent primer on how to think about risks in this region. Through powerful narratives, he demonstrates how Asian stability should not be taken for granted. The book begins by drawing a “risk map” based on the most important trends in the Indo-Pacific region. It identifies five discrete yet interrelated risk areas, including (1) the threat to Asia’s growth from the end of its economic miracle and the failure of reform, (2) the increasing demographic risk—the dichotomy between either too many people in some countries or too few people in others and the subsequent...

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