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Putting movement into your life: A beyond fitness primer

  • Paola Crespi
Book Review

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone Amazon Kindle Edition, 2010, 161pp. (inc. bibliographic references and index), $11.48/£7.15, ASIN: B0046W6U52

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone is Courtesy Professor of Philosophy at Oregon University and in her very prolific career she has published so far, among other books, The Phenomenology of Dance (1966), Illuminating Dance: Philosophical Explorations (1984), The Roots of Thinking (1990), The Primacy of Movement (1999) and The Corporeal Turn (2009). She started her career as a dancer and a choreographer, gained a PhD in dance and philosophy at the University of Wisconsin and started a second PhD in evolutionary biology. Her main concern is the importance of movement and the ways in which a ‘first-nature attention’ to movement can not only facilitate a better understanding of our animate nature, but also lead to the formulation of an epistemology ‘true to the truth of experience’ and to the articulation of a metaphysics ‘true to the dynamic nature of the world’ (Shee...


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  • Paola Crespi
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  1. 1.Department of DanceFilm and Theatre, University of SurreyLondonUK

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