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Varun Sivaram, Taming the Sun: Innovations to Harness Solar Energy and Power the Planet (Cambridge, MA, USA: The MIT Press, 2018, ISBN 9780262037686). Michaël Aklin and Johannes Urpelainen, Renewables: The Politics of a Global Energy Transition (Cambridge, MA, USA: The MIT Press, 2018, ISBN 9780262534949)

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Book Review

While plenty of evidence suggests the progress away from fossil fuels is still too slow, wind and solar energy have sustained growth and are contributing to efforts to decarbonize electricity around the world. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, 2018 witnessed global wind and solar installations surpass the one-terawatt threshold. Innovative solutions to climate and air pollution, while increasing the overall supply to electrify automobiles and homes for those without energy access, will be multi-faceted and complex. But whatever suite of technologies or organizational forms decarbonization efforts take, renewable and solar energy will play a leading role in the energy futures. How did the renewable energy industries achieve such rapid and widespread success in recent years? How can this success be sustained to achieve high levels of low carbon electricity?

I was delighted for the opportunity to review two quite excellent explorations of renewable energy transitions that are...

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