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A roadmap for research methodology

Panke, Diana: Research design and method selection: making good choices in the social sciences, SAGE Publications Ltd, London, 2018, p 352, ISBN 978-1526438638
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Research Design and Method Selection: Making Good Choices in the Social Sciencesoffers a roadmap for one of the most overwhelming quandaries students and early career researchers have in developing research: Which method should be used for a specific research project? For those starting out in research, this book walks readers through setting up a research project from start to finish, and stands as a guidepost to aid methodological decision making. The aim of the book is to “navigate the crossroads of choices” (ix) that can stall researchers. Through the sequential organisation of the chapters from developing a research strategy through publishing and disseminating results, the reader can set up a rudimentary project. Those with a background in research methods can also use the book as an aid for individual research issues through referencing particular chapters and utilising decision trees. By presenting research choices in a form close to a workbook, Panke presents both...



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