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The new cycle of global protests and progressive politics: a review of two approaches

  • Matheus LockEmail author
Book Review

Books reviewed

The Mask and the Flag: Populism, Citizenism and Global Protest, Paolo Gerbaudo (Oxford, Hurst, 2017), 318 pp., ISBN 978-1849045568. Digital, Political, Radical, Natalie Fenton (Cambridge, Polity, 2016), 240 pp., ISBN 978-0745650864.

In the last few years, the political establishment has been taken by surprise by a ‘tsunami’ of mass demonstrations. The consensus is that this phenomenon started in Tunisia in late 2010 after the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, and spread like a virus throughout the world, sparking uncountable effects in contemporary politics. This new cycle of protests brought to the forefront a new protest culture that has affected not only radical politics, but also the way we comprehend them. As scholars, it forces us ask ourselves how to understand such phenomena, the actors involved, the practices and ideas enacted, as well as the role of digital media. The new works by Paolo Gerbaudo (The Mask and the Flag: Populism, Citizenism and Global Protest...


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