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An Intra- and Inter-generational Lens into Rapid Technological Change

  • Donovan GuttieresEmail author
Thematic Section


Technology change is not a new phenomenon and has often been accompanied with uncertainty. Today, we continue to see rapid technological change with unprecedented impact on the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of our societies. These effects are often only realized in hindsight, when their some impact (both positive and negative) can be irreversible. This article outlines various trends aimed at better characterizing technology change today, how this change can be oriented to better serve people and planet, and foresight on its impact on inequalities both within and across generations.


Technology justice Intergenerational Equity Technology assessment Tradeoffs 



Members of the UN Major Group for Children and Youth for their rich contributions during various consultations and meetings on this topic. Such spaces helped promote critical debate, exchange of ideas, and mutual learning.


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