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This section includes a short selection of recent books that touch on themes related to this journal issue. It cannot claim to be an exhaustive nor definitive selection. However, for our more adventurous and intrepid readers, it offers a palette from which they could begin to explore in greater depth the issues affecting the performance of democracy around the world. The books chosen for this list have taken different entry points in addressing the issue, and in many respects, this is deliberately done to highlight the complexity of crisis of participation and institutional reforms. Some titles are perhaps academic in nature, others less so. In the final analysis, however, what matters—at least from the Editors view point—is the diversity of approaches and their contribution to the debate at hand.

The Political Theory of Neoliberalism

Thomas Biebricher

Stanford University Press, February 2019

ISBN: 9781503607828

Neoliberalism has become a dirty...

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