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Correction to: Natural born cynics? The role of personality characteristics in consumer skepticism of corporate social responsibility behaviors

  • Derek MoscatoEmail author
  • Toby Hopp

Correction to: Corp Reputation Rev

Due to an unfortunate oversight an error occured in the paragraph ‘Personality characteristics and CSR skepticism‘. The paragraph should be read as follows:

“Although scholars have evaluated the relationship between consumer attributions and CSR skepticism, little is specifically known about the degree to which CSR messaging factors are influenced by individual personality traits. This question is worth pursuing because it allows for assessment of the degree to which individuals may be naturally suspicious of CSR efforts. Considered broadly, prior research suggests that personality factors may impact a number of variables involved in the effective communication of socially responsible corporate initiatives, including the degree to which stakeholders are open to relational formation (Shaver and Brennan 1992), feelings of subjective well-being among audience members (Hayes and Joseph 2003), and ethical leadership behaviors undertaken by brand managers (Walumbwa and Schaubroeck 2009).”

The authors apologise for this error.

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