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BioSocieties is a journal committed to social research on the biomedical and life sciences; and yet, even within the almost fifteen years since the journal began publication, it has become clear that thinking about life, death, illness and medicine, about the ethics of particular clinical interventions or the politics of biomedical practices, means thinking about the planet and its climate too. As Jonathan Patz and his colleagues note in a much-cited Nature paper from 2005, regionally specific changes in climate are connected to health-related phenomena as diverse as respiratory failure, infectious disease and food shortages (Patz et al. 2005). Today, as climate fluctuations worsen, and human bodies become more (and differentially) exposed to changing climatic regimes, a range of centres and collaborations are directed squarely at the effects on human health: the Lancet Countdown, for example, is a research collaboration involving the Lancetjournal, the Wellcome Trust and University...


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