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Review of Eichler, Jan. 2017. War, Peace and International Security: From Sarajevo to Crimea

London: Palgrave, pp. 206, Hardcover, ISBN 978-1-137-60149-0
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Book Review

Jan Eichler’s War, Peace and International Security: From Sarajevo to Crimea is an excellent contribution to the global social science and military history literature. The author engagingly describes the alternation of wars and peace over time. The book is a stimulating contribution to theories of wars and peace: It combines historical examinations with valuable analytical observations from the field of international relations. The first chapter reflects on the past century in the light of two theories of international relations, specifically those advanced by John Galtung and Raymond Aron. In Eichler’s opinion, international relations advance in a dyadic movement of peace versus war. War breaks out or is started whenever peace becomes disadvantageous or untenable for the main actors. Conversely, peace comes at the moment when the war caused such great losses and damages and claimed so many victims that nobody wants to carry on with it.

Eichler is right that the basic cause of wars is...

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