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Histories and temporalities past, present, and future

  • Dennis Austin BrittonEmail author
Book Review Essay

Robin B. Barnes

Astrology and Reformation. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016, pp. 408, $82.00.

ISBN: 9780199736058

J. K. Barret

Untold Futures: Time and Literary Culture in Renaissance England. Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 2016, pp. 264, $55.00.

ISBN: 9781501702365

Matthew S. Champion

The Fullness of Time: Temporalities of the Fifteenth-Century Low Countries. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2017, pp. 304, $55.00.

ISBN: 9780226514796

Susan Nakley

Living in the Future: Sovereignty and Internationalism in the Canterbury Tales. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 2017, pp. 282, $75.00.

ISBN: 9780472130443

Jon Whitman, ed.

Romance and History: Imagining Time from the Medieval to the Early Modern Period. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2015, pp. 329, $29.00.

ISBN: 9781107665255

Recent scholarship continues to teach us that time is a strange thing. It defies regimes of partitioning (When is the present? When did the past end? When does the future begin?), and it...



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