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Constituting Central American-Americans: Transnational identities and the politics of dislocation

Maritza E. Cárdenas, Rutgers University Press, New Jersey, 2018, 198 pp., $27.95, 978-0813592824 (paperback)
  • Mario Alberto ObandoEmail author
Book Review

Of late, it has been relatively easy to identify the amplification and intensification of the seemingly endless anti-Latinx immigrant sentiment and its itinerant violence in institutional forces such as ICE in the United States. In 2018, though, it was quite difficult to discuss and even more unsettling to listen to the violent and feverous frequencies of nationalist chants and protests against Central American migrants south of the U.S.-Mexico border. Thus, when students in my ethnic studies courses attempted to make sense of the mid-November 2018 shouting, marching and protesting of Tijuana residents against Central American migrants journeying al Norte, the need for additional research within the fields of Central American studies and Central American-American studies became ever more apparent: it is not just instructional for students in college classrooms but also, and perhaps more importantly, revitalizing, especially in the current political landscape, in which Central...


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