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Colonial phantoms: Belonging and refusal in the Dominican Americas from the 19th century to the present

Dixa Ramírez, New York University Press, New York, 2018, 336 pp., $30.00, ISBN: 978-1479867561 (paperback)
  • Jonathan Montalvo RománEmail author
Book Review

Dixa Ramírez’s Colonial Phantoms: Belonging and Refusal in the Dominican Americas, from the 19th Century to the Presentis an important contribution within the fields of Dominican, trans-American, Caribbean, and African diaspora studies that combines historical and literary analysis in order to show how Occidental discourses have misunderstood and excluded the Dominican Republic. Ramírez argues that this exclusion is due, in part, to an oversimplified association of the entire island with Haiti. Ramírez broadens the argument, present among many scholars, that Dominican cultural production perpetuates the nationalist discourse in response to the anti-Haitian sentiment sustained for almost 200 years. She builds on Torres-Saillant’s invitation to avoid the pitfalls of examining Dominican attitudes about race solely through the lens of the hegemonic political class of the twentieth century. Ramírez, in a similar fashion, encourages us to not merely focus on, but rather ask, who is...


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