The borders of Dominicanidad: Race, nation, and archives of contradiction

Lorgia García-Peña, Duke University Press, Durham, 2016, 288 pp., $24.95, ISBN: 978-0822362623 (paperback)
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Cardi B’s and Amara La Negra’s emergence into US, Latin American, and more global visibility augurs new popular and scholarly engagement with dominicanidad, Dominican-Americanness, blackness, and latinidad. That they are two highly successful and prominent Afro-Dominican women underscores the way race and nation (and trans-nation) cannot be separated from gender, sexuality, and class. The Borders of Dominicanidad does not discuss these two women, but it does provide a necessary roadmap for reading their work and their public personas, particularly through the concept of the term “contradictions” that frames its analysis of dominicanidad. For García-Peña, the term focuses on those “stories, narratives, and speech acts … that go against the hegemonic versions of national identity and against the mode of analysis we tend to value as historically accurate” (pp. 1–2). It is a double-edged project: at once clearly opposed to dominant nationalist and exclusionary narratives of what...


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