Hans Keman, Social democracy. A comparative account of the left-wing party family

Routledge, Abingdon, 2017, ISBN 978-0-415-57407-5, 29.99 GBP
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Book Review

“The ominous decline of social democracy” Washington Post, 16 September 2018

“Who killed European social democracy?” Politico, 3 February 2018

“End of an Era? The slow death of Europe’s social democrats” Spiegel online, 22 September 2017

When one reads the headlines in the news then one cannot escape the dire state in which social democracy finds itself in Europe. This book on social democracy by Hans Keman could not be published more timelier because it addresses several of the questions raised in the media. But before turning to these questions, I will first discuss the book.

Keman provides a comprehensive account of the development of social democratic parties in 21 democracies. It is comprehensive in three aspects. First, the time scope is impressive because the analysis starts in the late nineteenth century and ends as late as 2012. In addition, Keman manages to scrutinize large amounts of data for the whole time period. Second, the book traces the development in social democracy...

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