China’s belt and road initiative: Changing the rules of globalization

Wenxian Zhang, Ilan Alon and Christoph Lattemann (Editors) Palgrave, London, 2018, 358 pp. ISBN: 978-3319754352
  • Peter J BuckleyEmail author
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When Xi Jinping announced ‘One Belt, One Road’ in 2013, and when the action plan for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was released by the National Development and Reform Commission (March 28, 2015), China undertook the most significant international programme of the twenty-first Century. Academic research perforce lags events but the BRI is now subject to scrutiny and this edited collection presents an opportunity to begin serious analysis of the BRI, its impacts and challenges. This task has the usual problems of all international business scholarship: picking the correct level of analysis, holding other influences constant, confronting incomplete and untrustworthy data, and using appropriate theory. Moreover, there are a large number of potential viewpoints on the BRI. It can be seen geopolitically; from a macroeconomic perspective, as a manifestation of Chinese Outward Direct Investment (COFDI); as an extension of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs); in micro-economic terms as a set...



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