Eastern–Western Bridge Sandwiched Between Two Internationally Recognizable Powers

By Beata Ociepka, Poland’s New Ways of Public Diplomacy, Peter Lang Edition, Frankfurt am Main 2017, 242 pp.
  • Katarzyna Zalas-KaminskaEmail author
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This book, based mainly on the neoliberal school of international relations, shows how the model of Polish public diplomacy has been shaped by the desire to be recognized as a good citizen of the international society, and to what extent the government’s strived after goal has been achieved.

The author considers public diplomacy as a form of external political communication that “attempts to influence the climate of opinion while setting an agenda for international political organizations, institutions, and the media, as well as introducing the nation’s frames to public debates” (p. 14). Beata Ociepka places the idea of public diplomacy within two conceptual frames: soft power and the economization of foreign policy, as she claims that soft power includes culture, values, and foreign policy, as well as the economy. She analyzes the process of public diplomacy as a network, so she seeks for hubs and nodes of this network, especially focusing on asymmetrical or symmetrical relations...

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