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In my last note to you in the September issue, I had informed you of Robert Elgie’s passing in July. Three months later, we all have taken on board the full depth of this tragic loss for our community. In this issue, I am happy and proud to take a more optimistic tone. Thanks to the support of the Associate Editors, others close to the journal and Jessica Banning at Palgrave, we have decided to dedicate a part of the December issue to make tribute to Robert Elgie’s lasting legacy and contributions to the Study of French Politics and Political Science more broadly speaking.

The first “special” section of this issue is a direct testament to Robert Elgie’s life work in our field. It begins with an essay on the establishment of the journal 17 years ago by the individuals who worked with Robert in the very beginning to craft the vision and approach of the journal that served as the foundation for the vital, innovative and high-quality journal we have today. Next, as one of the co editors of the OUP Handbook of French Politics, along with Emiliano Grossman, Robert’s brainchild from the start, I offer a personal account of the OUP Handbook, the process of developing the idea and putting it into action and Robert’s pivotal leadership role in making it a tour de force assessment of the study of French Politics, that should be carefully read by political scientists in all areas. We were able to publish the penultimate concluding chapter here as well, which systematically summarizes the contributions of all 28 chapters to and future research agendas for the study of French Politics as well as proposes a new classification system for French Politics research. The final contribution, by Robert’s close friend and colleague at Dublin City University, Gary Murphy, is the eulogy he delivered at Robert’s funeral in late July in Dublin. His words are just as if not more important in understanding who Robert was and how he made a difference in so many lives. Many thanks to Gary for being so gracious to allow us to publish this moving testimonial.

The rest of the issue follows the regular format that Robert had developed for the journal over the years in collaboration with so many different people: a regular research article, a duo of articles on “critical citizenship,” edited and introduced by Associate Editor, Martial Foucault, a review essay recruited by review editor, Isabelle Guinaudeau, and a data and measures essay brought to us by Michael Lewis-Beck as data editor. All of these pieces were submitted and completed under Robert’s editorship. Thus, this October issue is the last issue of the journal that has Robert’s direct imprint, the ultimate final tribute to his leadership at French Politics.

In putting this issue together, I have come to completely grasp what we have lost by the disappearance of Robert Elgie. At the same time, given the extent to which Robert’s vision and hard work has made it possible for me to at least attempt to continue his legacy as the new editor, of course it will be impossible for me to ever fill his shoes, in collaboration with a cadre of devoted associate editors and friends of the journal who have been crucial for making a challenging transition quite seamless; I feel more uplifted and forward-looking. The sorrow and loss we have all experienced since July hopefully can be transformed into promise and great expectations that the journal will continue on with Robert’s vision and purpose. And please save the dates of next year’s APSA meetings in San Francisco—September 10th–13th—where we will hold a roundtable to honor Robert’s scholarly legacy and a reception for us all to meet and share our memories. I hope this issue helps you, as it has me, to process this tragic loss and to celebrate and commemorate Robert Elgie’s contributions that will stay with us for many years to come.

Amy G. Mazur

Moscow, Idaho

October 31, 2019

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