Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in France

  • Yves J. R. MenezoEmail author
  • René Frydman
  • Nelly Frydman


In vitro fertilization is strongly regulated in France. An agreement is needed for the clinicians and the embryologists; and the activity is under the control of CNMBRDP, a governmental commission. PGD is even more controlled; an agreement is needed for embryo biopsy and for genetic/FISH testing. Only three centers are allowed to perform PGD. All the agreements are given for five years and submitted to renewal. Regulations are under the “Ethical” law which should have been re-examined in 1999, but still not redone. This leads to problems, especially in relation with the research on embryos. Evolution of the techniques and indications necessitates a follow-up by the representatives on a regular basis.

PGD FISH IVF regulations 


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