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Phase II Study of Interferon Gamma in Malignant Carcinoid Tumors (E9292): A Trial of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group

  • Keith Stuart
  • Donna E. Levy
  • Tom Anderson
  • Constantine A. Axiotis
  • Janice P. Dutcher
  • Andrew Eisenberg
  • John K. Erban
  • Al Bowen BensonIII


Purpose: To determine the safety and efficacy of treatment with gamma interferon (IFNγ) in patients with metastatic carcinoid tumor. Patients and methods: 51 patients were enrolled on this Phase II Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) study. Seventy five percent of them had hormonally active tumors. Treatment consisted of IFNγ subcutaneously at a daily dose of 0.1 mg/m2. Patents were evaluated for toxicity weekly for the first month and monthly thereafter; response was determined radiologically every 8 weeks. Results: Patients received treatment with IFNγ for a median of 17.9 weeks (range 2–175). Toxicity was generally mild and expected: 61% experienced noninfected fever and 21% developed granulocytopenia. Three patients (6%) had a partial response; there were no complete responses. Median time to progression was 5.5 months (95% confidence interval 3.9–11.1). The 1-year progression free rate was 28% (13.4–43.4%). Median survival was 42 months, with a 1-year survival rate of 67% (53.3–80%). Discussion: This Phase II study demonstrated that therapy with IFNγ in patients with metastatic carcinoid tumor was well-tolerated, but did not produce significant antitumor effects. The overall results were somewhat comparable to those previously seen with alpha interferons as well as cytotoxic drugs.

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  • Keith Stuart
    • 1
  • Donna E. Levy
    • 2
  • Tom Anderson
    • 3
  • Constantine A. Axiotis
    • 4
  • Janice P. Dutcher
    • 5
  • Andrew Eisenberg
    • 6
  • John K. Erban
    • 7
  • Al Bowen BensonIII
    • 8
  1. 1.Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterBoston
  2. 2.Dana Farber Cancer InstituteBoston
  3. 3.Billings Oncology AssociatesBillings
  4. 4.SUNY Health Science Center at BrooklynBrooklyn
  5. 5.Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center MBCCOPBronx
  6. 6.St Joseph Mercy HospitalAnn Arbor
  7. 7.New England Medical CenterBoston
  8. 8.Northwestern UniversityChicago

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