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Microsupport with Two-Dimensional Geometry (2D-MS)

  • S. Lenglois
  • M. Moser
  • A.O.A. Miller


CHO-K1 and VERO cells have been grown on MicroHex™, a polystyrene-based microsupport with two-dimensional geometry and the consistency of their growth kinetics were established. These cells have been detached by exposure to buffered ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) followed by controlled mechanical shear to yield well-isolated cells suspended in EDTA. Neutralisation of the EDTA followed by restoration of the chemical composition of the growth medium causes detached CHO-K1 cells to display unaltered growth kinetics.

Anchorage-dependent cells CHO Microcarrier MicroHex™ Microsupport VERO 


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  • S. Lenglois
  • M. Moser
  • A.O.A. Miller

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