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Control of Economic Safety of the Developing Natural Monopolies: Modeling and Automation. I

  • O. O. Ivashkina
  • A. V. Karibskii
  • Yu. R. Shishorin


The theoretical and applied issues of complex analysis and control of economic safety of the developing natural monopolies were considered by the example of a system of oil-trunk pipelines.A general problem of forming an economically safe development program for a natural monopoly was posed, and a heuristic approach to it was proposed. It is based on constructing a system of interrelated simulational and calculational financial-and-economic and balance models, which enables one to analyze and select variants of the system development programs with regard for the interests of all parties: monopoly, state, clients, and allied industries. An example of realization of the proposed procedure was presented.


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  • O. O. Ivashkina
  • A. V. Karibskii
  • Yu. R. Shishorin

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