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, Volume 65, Issue 7, pp 1089–1098 | Cite as

Local Optimization in the Steiner Problem on the Euclidean Plane

  • D. T. Lotarev
  • A. V. Suprun
  • A. P. Uzdemir


By the local optimal Steiner tree is meant a tree with optimally distributed Steiner points for a given adjacency matrix. The adjacency matrix defines the point of local minimum, and all arrangements (coordinates) of the Steiner points that are admissible for it define the minimum neighborhood. Solution is local optimal if the tree length cannot be reduced by rearranging the Steiner points. An algorithm of local optimization based on the concept of coordinatewise descent was considered.


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  • D. T. Lotarev
  • A. V. Suprun
  • A. P. Uzdemir

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