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P-wave spectra of the Füzesgyarmat, eastern Hungary earthquake sequence

  • Ahmed Badawy


On 29–30 September 1996, an earthquake sequence occurred in the Füzesgyarmat region in eastern Hungary. The main shock had a magnitude of ML = 3.2 and was felt with a maximum intensity 4 MSK. It was preceded by a foreshock with a magnitude of ML = 2.8 and was followed, within six hours, by five aftershocks with magnitudes 2.1≤ML≤ 3.1. The dynamic source parameters of the Füzesgyarmat earthquake sequence have been derived from P-wave spectra of the Hungarian seismograph stations. The average of the obtained values at different stations shows that the main shock occurred on a fault length of 610 m, with relative displacement of 1.13 cm, stress drop of 7 bar and seismic moment of 3.96*1021 The main shock was small to yield data for a full mechanism solution and no reliable single fault plane solution could be obtained due to the low signal to noise ratio at the recording stations. The parameters of the foreshock are fault length of 560m, seismic moment of 2.09*1021, stress drop of 5.53 bar and relative displacement of 0.73 cm. The five aftershocks show source parameters similar to the foreshock stress drops (5.26≤ Δσ ≤ 5.76 bar), fault lengths (415 ≤L≤ 600 m), seismic moments (8.36*1020 ≤Mo ≤ 2.31*1021 and relative displacements (0.52 ≤ ů ≤ 0.91 cm).

corner frequency (f) displacement spectra fault length relative displacement seismic moment stress drop 


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