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Effect of gentamicin on serum digoxin level in patients with congestive heart failure

  • Hussien Omer Alkadi
  • Majed Alwan Nooman
  • Yahia Ahmed Raja'a


Objective: Gentamicin is frequently used to treat infectious diseases in patients receiving digitalis therapy. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of gentamicin on serum digoxin level.

Method: Twenty-four diabetic patients and patients with congestive heart failure and twelve normal healthy volunteers were enrolled in this study. The patients received digoxin treatment 0.25 mg/day. Gentamicin in a dose of 80 mg i.m. twice a day for 7 days was prescribed for these patients to treat chest infection. Serum digoxin and creatinine levels were determined before and after gentamicin administration.

Results: Gentamicin induced a significant increase in serum digoxin level of diabetic patients and patients with congestive heart failure. Serum creatinine level increased significantly before and after i.m. injection of gentamicin.

Conclusion: The present study indicated that increase serum digoxin level when combined with gentamicin should be considered a risk factor for digitalis toxicity.

Congestive heart failure Diabetes Digoxin Drug–drug interaction Gentamicin Serum digoxin level 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Hussien Omer Alkadi
    • 1
  • Majed Alwan Nooman
    • 1
  • Yahia Ahmed Raja'a
    • 1
  1. 1.Pharmacology and Therapeutic Department, Faculty of Medicine and Health SciencesSana'a University, Member of ESCPSana'aYemen

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