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The use of X-ray line profile analysis to investigate crystallite size and microstrain for zirconia powders



X-ray line profile analysis is a powerful and convenient method to probe the microstructural characteristics of ceramics. Zirconia based ceramics possess a martensitic tetragonal to monoclinic transformation that is induced by size and strain factors. The selection of a suitable and reliable analysis method is critical to accurately derive the correct material property values. The procedures involved in an X-ray line profile broadening analysis are described in this study, which includes two simplified single peak methods. In all three different line profile analysis are employed to study the validity of derived data at various conditions for zirconia ceramics. The Warren-Averbach approach gives a reliable and reasonable crystallite size and microstrain. Crystallite sizes evaluated from different formulae or methods are compared with those measured by the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller method and transmission electron microscopy observation. The crystallite size distributions and particle size are also probed. It is found that the evaluated crystallite size distribution is similar to the measured particle size distribution measured using. Since it is impossible to obtain the crystallite size distribution from the single peak method, the ratios of the volume-weighted mean crystallite size, <D>V or Dβ and the area-weighted one <D>a are used to reveal information concerning the crystallite size distribution.


Crystallite Size Primary Particle Secondary Particle Column Length Zirconia Powder 


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