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Optical and microstructural characterization of sol/gel derived cerium-doped PZT thin films



Optical properties of cerium-doped PZT thin films on sapphire prepared by a sol-gel technique are investigated using both transmission and reflection spectra in the wavelength range 200 to 900 nm. The refractive index, extinction coefficient and thickness of the film are determined from the measured transmission spectra. The packing density of the film is calculated from its refractive index using the effective medium approximation (EMA), and average oscillator strength and wavelength are estimated using a Sellmeir-type dispersion equation. Absorption coefficient (α) and the band gap energy (Eg) of each film composition are also calculated. Possible correlations of microstructure and phase formation behaviour with changes in band gap energy and other optical properties are discussed.


Refractive Index Optical Constant Interference Fringe Packing Fraction Lead Titanate 


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