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The importance that community pharmacists in Malta place on the introduction of pharmaceutical care

  • Maria Cordina
  • James C. McElnay
  • Carmel M. Hughes


The results from a study to assess the importance Maltese pharmacists placed on various aspects of pharmaceutical care and their willingness to provide such care are reported. A modified version of the Behavioural Pharmaceutical Care Scale (BPCS) questionnaire (consisting of three dimensions and 14 domains( was mailed to the 198 privately owned community pharmacies in Malta. A total of 99 questionnaires were returned following two reminder telephone calls. Pharmacists were asked to score the importance of each pharmaceutical care activity contained in the modified BPCS on a 6 point Likert scale ranging from 0 to 5. The overall score for the questionnaire, which illustrated the importance pharmacists attributed to various aspects of pharmaceutical care, ranged from 90 to 170 with a mean score of 134.8. There was little difference recorded between the scores for the three dimensions. The Referral and Consultation domain recorded a slightly higher score than the other two domains. Younger pharmacists obtained significantly higher scores (p>0.05; Kruskal‐Wallis test) in the Verification of Patient Understanding domain. Approximately 72% of respondents indicated that they were willing to provide pharmaceutical care, but remarked that a number of issues e.g. reimbursement, qualified support staff, GP‐pharmacist co‐operation, had to be addressed. A series of strategic steps are needed to help pharmacists resolve these issues before pharmaceutical care programmes could be offered by Maltese community pharmacists.

Pharmaceutical care Modified behavioural pharmaceutical care scale Community pharmacy Patient care 


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  • Maria Cordina
  • James C. McElnay
  • Carmel M. Hughes

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