Immature stages of five species of Gerridae (Heteroptera: Gerromorpha) from the Eastern Tropical Pacific

  • Dora N. Padilla-GilEmail author
Research Paper


Immature stages of five species of Gerridae are described and illustrated for the first time: Rheumatobates longisetosus Polhemus & Manzano, Rheumatobates probolicornis Polhemus & Manzano, Rheumatobates peculiaris Polhemus & Spangler, Telmatometra whitei Bergroth and Telmatometroides rozeboomi (Drake & Harris). The first two were distributed in the Pacific region of Colombia, R. peculiaris distributed along the Pacific region of Colombia to Ecuador, T. whitei distributed from Mexico to Colombia and Ecuador, T. rozeboomi from Central America to Colombia and Ecuador. The five species were collected in the southwest of Colombia, near the Pacific coast.

Key words

aquatic Heteroptera eggs nymphal instars Pacific region South America 


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  1. 1.Departamento de BiologíUniversidad de Narinõ, Ciudad Universitaria TorobajoNarinõColombia

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