Animal Reservoirs and Residual ‘Foci’ of Trypanosoma Brucei Gambiense Sleeping Sickness in West Africa

  • D. H. Molyneux


The epidemiology of T. b. gambiense is reviewed in the light of recent findings, and potential animal reservoir hosts are listed. The discovery of distinct zymodemes in pigs with isozyme characteristics identical with stocks previously isolated only from man, and the human plasma resistant character (BIIT positive) of these stocks, is indicative of a zoonotic source of infection of man in some areas of West Africa. The likely epidemiological differences between savanna and forest foci are emphasised.

The focality of West African sleeping sickness is discussed in relation to the various hypotheses which have been propounded to explain this phenomenon. Recent observations which suggest Glossina can move longer distances on wind fields than hitherto supposed, and its possible implications as an explanation of some residual foci, is discussed. The possible impact of onchocerciasis on the distribution of foci is mentioned.

Key Words

Trypanosomiasis T. b. gambiense Glossina Epidemiology Reservoir hosts West Africa 


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