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Chemical constituents from ethanol extract of Polyalthia rumphii branches and their cytotoxicity evaluation


Twelve known compounds, including eight alkaloids, three lignans and one gossypol derivative, were isolated from the branches of Polyalthia rumphii (Blume ex Hensch.) Merr., Annonaceae. The chemical structures were determined by spectroscopic methods and comparison with literature data. All the isolates were evaluated the cytotoxicity against three human cancer cell lines: Hela, MCF-7 and A549, the results showed that partial of isolates displayed weak cytotoxicities with the IC50 values ranging from 25 to 40 μ/ml.


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TSW and XPW contributed equally to this paper on structural determination, writing this paper and running the laboratory work; YPL conducted the anticancer activity; YPL did the NMR investigations; XL, YJZ, APY, ZMY, LeY, SWC, JSF and XZJ (undergraduate students) carried out the extraction, isolation and purification.

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