Thermodynamic properties of carbon and manganese in Mn-C and Mn-Fe-C melts

  • Er-bao ChenEmail author
  • Shi-jun Wang


Carbon solubility in Mn-Fe melts (xMn=0.083 − 0.706, xFe = 0.034 − 0.715) was measured experimentally at various temperatures. By thermodynamic derivation and calculation, the relationship between activity coefficient of carbon in infinite dilute solution of manganese in Mn-C system and temperature was obtained. Using Gibbs-Duhem relationship, the experimental results of this study, and experimental data obtained by strict thermodynamic derivation and calculation in references, the relationships between other thermodynamic properties (εCC, εCCC, εCFe, εCCFe, and εcFeFe) in Mn-Fe-C system and temperature were obtained.

Key words

Mn-Fe-C melt activity interaction parameter thermodynamic property carbon manganese 


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© China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group 2008

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Metallurgy and ResourcesAnhui University of TechnologyMa’anshan, AnhuiChina

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