Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica

, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp 352–359 | Cite as

Numerical Simulation of Two-Point Contact Between Wheel and Rail

  • Jun Zhang
  • Shouguang Sun
  • Xuesong Jin


The elastic-plastic contact problem with rolling friction of wheel-rail is solved using the FE parametric quadratic programming method. Thus, the complex elastic-plastic contact problem can be calculated with high accuracy and efficiency, while the Hertz’s hypothesis and the elastic semi-space assumption are avoided. Based on the ‘one-point’ contact calculation of wheel-rail, the computational model of ‘two-point’ contact are established and calculated when the wheel flange is close to the rail. In the case of ‘two-point’ contact, the changing laws of wheel-rail contact are introduced and contact forces in various load cases are carefully analyzed. The main reason of wheel flange wear and rail side wear is found. Lubrication computational model of the wheel flange is constructed. Comparing with the result without lubrication, the contact force between wheel flange and rail decreases, which is beneficial for reducing the wear of wheel-rail.

Key words

wheel-rail contact FEM parametric quadratic programming lubrication 


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Copyright information

© The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and Technology 2009

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Transportation EngineeringDalian Jiaotong UniversityDalianChina
  2. 2.School of Mechanical, Electronic and Control EngineeringBeijing Jiaotong UniversityBeijingChina

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