Lengthening of Massive Intercalary Cortical Allograft After Successful Graft Incorporation in Skeletally Immature Bone with Critical-Sized Defect: A Case Report with 6-year Follow-up


Bone allograft serves as an alternative to overcome the limitation of autograft. Some concerns, such as graft rejection, infection, and low union rate, arise from the use of bone allograft since the graft is a non-living and foreign material. We reported a case of critical-sized bone defect in a skeletally immature patient treated with massive intercalary allograft that not only did it show union but also graft incorporation that allowed for subsequent bone lengthening at the site of the incorporated massive allograft. To our knowledge, there has been a report of lengthening of free-vascularized fibular autograft but not the nonvascularized one. Massive intercalary allograft that incorporates well to the host could be an option to treat critical-sized bone defect.

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