Optimization of an automotive power semiconductor switch module using inlay PCB technology


An optimization approach for automotive power semiconductor switch module with shunt resistor using an inlay printed circuit board (PCB) is proposed in this study to analyze electrical and thermal characteristics under a given maximum temperature rise constraint. The final module with a shunt resistor and current measurement block is designed and manufactured by adopting the optimization results. The performance is measured and compared with a conventional module without a shunt resistor, which was manufactured before optimizing. The number of MOSFETs used in the module decreased from six to four while satisfying a maximum temperature rise of 20 °C. Therefore, optimization increases the price competitiveness of the power module.

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This work was supported by the Development of Core Industrial Technology (Grant no. 10080329, Development of high-density power conversion system based on SiC for green cars that can reduce the volume by more than 30%) and funded by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, & Energy (MOTIE) and the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT). The grant was funded by the Korean Government (MOTIE) (N0001883, The Competency Development Program for Industry Specialists).

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  • Automotive switch module
  • Heat distribution
  • Inlay PCB
  • Module cost
  • Parasitic resistance