Fault diagnosis scheme for single and simultaneous open-circuit faults of voltage-source inverters on the basis of fault online simulation


This paper presents a fault online simulation (FOS)-based diagnosis scheme for single and simultaneous open-circuit faults of voltage-source inverters in closed-loop-controlled permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drive systems. First, the hybrid model (HM) of the motor drive system is established, and the current observer is designed according to the normal HM to detect the fault. This approach can eliminate the effects of speed and load transients and significantly improve the immunity to false alarms. The fault class is then judged according to the current vector phase to reduce the computation load and improve diagnostic reliability. Finally, the fault is isolated on the basis of the FOS technique, the possible fault types are simulated online using the HM, and the simulated residuals between the simulated and measured currents are used for fault isolation. The suggested method avoids extra sensors, is robust to false alarms, and has a relatively fast diagnosis speed. Simulations and experiments validate the proposed diagnosis scheme.

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\(R_{{\text{s}}}\) :

Winding resistance of the stator

\(L_{\sigma }\) :

Winding inductance of the stator

\(\psi_{f}\) :

Permanent magnet flux

\(\omega_{e}\) :

Electric angular speed of the rotor

\(\varphi\) :

Electrical angle of the rotor

\({\varvec{u}}\) :

Output voltage vector

\({\varvec{\lambda}}\) :

Discrete input vector

\(i_{\alpha } ,i_{\beta }\) :

α- And β-axis components of the current vector

\(V_{{\rm{dc}}}\) :

DC-bus voltage

\(\delta\) :

Direction of the current vector trajector

\(\theta\) :


\(t_{d}\) :

Time variable

\(k_{{\text{N}}}\) :

Time threshold

\(k_{f}\) :

Fault detection threshold

\(k_{t}\) :

Fault isolation threshold

\(\omega_{m}\) :

Mechanical angular speed

\(p\) :

Number of pole pairs

\(T_{s}\) :

Sampling period

\(D\) :

Distance between the current vector and origin

\(R\) :

Simulated current residual

\(u_{an} ,u_{bn} ,u_{cn}\) :

Three-phase voltages

\(i_{an} ,i_{bn} ,i_{cn}\) :

Three-phase currents

\(e_{a} ,e_{b} ,e_{c}\) :

Three-phase back EMFs

\(\eta_{a} ,\eta_{b} ,\eta_{c}\) :

Directions of three-phase currents

Fx, Fy, Fz :

Possible fault types of a fault class

\(FaultFlag\) :

Fault detection variable

\(FaultClass\) :

Fault class variable

\(FaultType\) :

Fault type variable


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