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Fine-scale infestation pattern of Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in a mango orchard in Central Mozambique


The production of mango in Mozambique is under threat due to fruit fly infestation, and most of the farmers cannot afford the cost of control. Spatio-temporal dynamic of Bactrocera dorsalis was assessed at farm level in Manica Province to provide information for better calibration of pest management strategies and thereby minimize the use of pesticides and other costs associated to pest control. 64 Chempac Bucket traps baited with torula yeast were monitored weekly at a 10 ha mango orchard. From the species captured on the traps only B. dorsalis were considered for the study due to its importance on mango. A universal spatio-temporal kriging model was fitted to investigate the spatio-temporal pattern of the fly. Results of the analysis showed high spatial heterogeneity of the fly over time, with the occurrence spreading from the margins of the mango orchard and infesting the whole orchard during the period of peak of abundances reaching densities of more than 500 fly per trap per week. These results shows that the flies that infest this particular orchard may come from the marginal area, especially from local varieties which get matured earlier. The findings of this study provides information to be taken into consideration by farmers about when and where apply the control measures.

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We thank the Royal Museum for Central Africa for the funding of the study, project S1TNZ_MOZ_IPM, to Eduardo Mondlane University and Sokoine University of Agriculture through the Framework Agreement with the Belgian Development Cooperation. And thanks to the technicians from the National Fruit Fly Laboratory for their technical assistance and help during the field work.


This study was funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation through the Framework Agreement with the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Belgium) under project “Spatio-temporal population dynamics of fruit fly populations and optimization of IPM program in Manica Province, Mozambique” (Project Number: S1_TNZ_MOZ_IPM).

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