Studies on non-coacervated NR–SBR latices reinforced with bentonite clay


In this work, a noble method is used to develop clay–polymer nanocomposite (CPN) with improved dispersion of bentonite clay (as reinforcing filler) in a nano-Styrene Butadiene Rubber/Natural Rubber blend system. The tendency of the clay particles to agglomerate has been reduced to a great extent. The observed increase in tensile modulus and the storage modulus of the ultimate CPN is attributed to the dispersed clay particles in the composite matrix. The composite exhibits an anti-aging characteristic in terms of retaining both the tensile and storage moduli for longer period of time.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge University of Calcutta for providing research facility and the Fellowship. The authors also acknowledge Prof. Dipankar Chattopadhaya and CRNN, University of Calcutta for morphological characterization. The authors extend their gratitude to Dr. Prasun of CRNN for assisting in FTIR characterization.

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