Nonlinear Dynamic Modelling and Analysis for a Spur Gear Pair Considering Tooth Profile Deviation Based on Tooth Contact Analysis



Transmission error is an important excitation source of gear transmission system. In many previous dynamic models, the transmission error is often treated as a simple harmonic function, ignoring the difference among transmission errors caused by different deviations. In fact, each kinds of gear deviation may lead to transmission error with different characteristics, which has different influence on the dynamic characteristics of the system. To analyze the effect of different deviations on dynamic characteristics, it is necessary to explore the characteristics of each deviation and transmission error.


This paper takes the profile deviation as the research object and, by analyzing its characteristics, builds the mathematical model of spur gear tooth surface including tooth profile deviation. Based on tooth contact analysis (TCA), the characteristics of transmission errors caused by different factors of tooth profile deviation are analyzed and then the influence of different factors of tooth profile deviation on the dynamic characteristics of spur gear system is discussed. To verify the rationality of the dynamic model, the simulation results are compared with the results in the previous literature.


The simulation results show that the effect of these factors of tooth profile deviation on the system is obviously different and it is necessary to consider their comprehensive effect for improving the accuracy of dynamic models. The modelling and analysis method based on TCA in this paper has practical guiding significance for analyzing the influence of different deviations caused by manufacturing and assembling on the dynamic characteristics of gear system.

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This research was funded by Scientific Research Foundation for Talent Introduced (Grant number 2019YQQ005) and Scientific Research Project (Grant number Xjky2020008) of Anhui Polytechnic University, the University Synergy Innovation Program of Anhui Province (Grant number GXXT-2019-048), Anhui university scientific research platform innovation team building projects (2016–2018) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant number 51775156).

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  • Nonlinear dynamics
  • Tooth profile deviation
  • Tooth contact analysis
  • Transmission error