Table 9 System parameters of 3D full vehicle model

From: A Comparison of Quarter, Half and Full Car Models for Predicting Vibration Attenuation of an Occupant in a Vehicle

  Symbol Value
Suspension parameters
Spring constants
 Front ks1,ks4(N/m) 20,984.8
 Rear ks2,ks3(N/m) 19,121.7
Damping coefficients
 Front cs1,cs4(Ns/m) 1306.0
 Rear cs2,cs3(Ns/m) 1470.0
Unsprung mass
 Front Mv1,Mv4(kg) 40
 Rear Mv2,Mv3(kg) 40
Tyre spring constant
 Front kt1,kt4(N/m) 182,087
 Rear kt2,kt3(N/m) 182,087
Vehicle parameters
Distance from CG to the axle
 Front lf(m) 1.125
 Rear lr(m) 1.511
Distance from CG to the axle
 Front tr(m) 0.72
 Rear tl(m) 0.72
 Mass of vehicle body mc(kg) 1375.9
 Mass moment of inertia Icx(kg.m2) 484.4
Icy(kg.m2) 2344.4
 Seat mass Ms(kg) 12
 Spring constant ks(N/m) 10,507.1
 Damping coefficient cs(Ns/m) 875.6
 x-axis distance from CG rx(m) 0.34
 y-axis distance from CG ry(m) 0.24