Study of Thermoelastic Damping in Microstretch Thermoelastic Thin Circular Plate



The purpose of this paper is to study detection, microstretch function, temperature distribution function and thermoelastic damping analysis due to thermal variations and stretch forces in homogeneous, isotropic microstretch, generalized thermoelastic thin circular plate.


This theory is based on the Kirchho-Love plate theory assumptions. The governing equations for the transverse vibrations of microstretch thermoelastic thin circular plate have been derived. The analytical expressions for detection, microstretch function, temperature distribution function and thermoelastic damping have been numerically analyzed for clamped and simply supported boundary conditions in case of both non-Fourier and Fourier microstretch thermoelastic circular plate with the help of MATLAB programming software.


Finally the analytical development for thermoelastic damping have been illustrated numerically for Silicon-like material. The computer simulated results have been presented graphically under different boundary conditions.


It leads to the conclusion that thermal relaxation time and microstretch parameters contribute to an increase in the magnitude of the critical value of damping.

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  • Microstretch
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