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Enertherm / Fraunhofer HTL

Thermal Processes to Become More Efficient

The development of more energy-efficient industrial heat treatment would be a major step towards greater sustainability of industrial processes. Researchers have now presented a measurement technique that could help to do just that.

At this year’s “Freiberger Refractories Symposium 2018”, scientists from the Fraunhofer Center for High Temperature Materials and Design (HTL), Bayreuth/Germany, among others, presented the “High Temperature Testing of Refractory Materials with Novel Thermooptical Measuring Methods”. Springer authors Joachim Ulbricht, Hartmut Kern and Volker Uhlig report on the conference in issues 3/2018 and 4/2018 of the trade journal “Keramische Zeitschrift”. Accordingly, the new thermo-optical measurement methods (TOM) can fully characterize the thermal, mechanical and corrosive behavior at high temperatures and record larger measurement volumes than most conventional methods.

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